Why Post Natal Pilates?

You can return to lots of different types of exercise after having your baby, but are they right for you?  You can do too much too soon, your body hasn’t healed as well as it could have and all of a sudden, you’re expecting it to perform as it did before you found out you were pregnant!

Post Natal Pilates gives you the chance to optimise your healing whilst exercising in a safe and effective way.  There’s some other good reasons to come along for a six week course of pilates…..

Meet other mums and socialize

No child care worries as your baby comes with you

Exercises are graded to suit your post natal recovery period

Improve your posture

Learn how to safely & effectively flatten your tummy

Tone your pelvic floor and improve your strength

Find out why Sit Ups & Crunchies will never flatten your tummy

Learn how to stand and sit with a great posture

Find out ways to strengthen your pelvic floor without exercising

Relax, tone and learn

Small, personal classes to ensure optimal outcome

Find out what you can eat to help your body heal and recover

The next course starts on Thursday 6th November at 10.30am in Belbroughton Church Hall.  You need to be 6 weeks post natal or 10 weeks if you had a C-section with the OK from your GP to start exercising again.