Mummy MOT 2016

The media tells us that most women are disappointed with the post natal check that new mums receive from their very busy GP.

The baby gets a good check over but you never seem to have chance to ask all your burning questions?

You’re left wondering if ‘things’ will ever be the same again.

When can I exercise? What should I eat? When will I lose my baby weight? Why is my tummy looking like I’m still pregnant?

The Mummy MOT is available at Birmingham Women’s Health and Pregnancy Physiotherapy Clinic, Harborne.

You have a whole hour to have your worries answered, your posture, tummy and pelvic floor checked.

You’ll receive advice on safe return to exercise, what you should eat to help you get your body back in shape and reassurance that everything is ‘ok’.

If things aren’t quite right you have the option of continued physiotherapy treatment with a female physio you have now spent time with.

For more information or to book and appointment please contact



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