I love getting feedback. Here’s what some of my Motivated Mums had to say:

Immediately after I had my first baby, Florence, normal day to day life went a little bit up the the air (like most) and nearly every hour became dedicated to her…until I was introduced to Fiona and her Motivatedmums when I started to get some “me” time again with other girls and babies working hard for a common goal – to get back in shape!
Fiona has slowly sensibly and intelligently helped build my body (and all those special things that need help post birth!) back to normal! 10 months since I first joined, Fiona is now pushing our class harder and harder every week (its not a walk in the park!) with this and her fantastic nutritional and lifestyle tips I have made big changes to the “pre” baby Emily!I can not recommend motivatedmums highly enough – at first it gets you back out there exercising, gets you outdoors with your new born no matter what the weather –with no worries about your baby crying (Fiona takes care of them!) you also meet other great Mums and most importantly makes you feel good and with commitment helps you get back into shape…and more!
Fiona’s been an inspiration to me and Florence loves her!

I really enjoyed attending postnatal pilates and learning all be beneficial exercises to help improve my pelvic floor post babies! Fiona was warm and welcoming and very knowledgable. Sessions included information regarding diet which I found useful and I have made several changes for the better. I aim to join another of Fiona’s classes very soon.

Motivated mums is the perfect way to get back in shape and get some fresh air for you and your baby. I couldn’t wait to join the group and have tried to go twice a week….Rain or shine! Being able to take Kitty meant I could get back to exercise safely and effectively. It’s also great to chat to other mums and have a laugh too! I’ve just finished Fiona’s post natal pilates course which was also brill. I highly recommend Motivated Mums!

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